7 Best Crypto Automated Trading Software Apps for 2021

Buying, storing, and selling crypto coins have become a cakewalk with the introduction of automated trading bots. Now, you can trade your digital assets seamlessly from your smartphones on-the-go. Crypto traders have started using these automated trading software apps for automating their investments and boosting profits in trades. Trading bots such as bitcoin profit kryptoroboter are advantageous not only because they save you precious time and money but also because they can ensure successful trades not based on whims and impulses. With more and more investors preferring to trade using crypto trading bots, the demand for such mobile solutions is continuously growing.

Top 7 crypto automated trading software apps in 2021:

  1. Cryptohopper: Since the crypto market is open 24×7 and is dynamic in nature, even a very less downtime can translate into missed profit opportunities if you are using a trading bot. But, with Cryptohopper, you need not worry since this app completely relies on cloud storage. Therefore, there will never be any downtime and updates can be smoothly conducted without interrupting trades. Your Cryptohopper account will be functional even when network is offline.
  2. Bitsgap: Bitsgap uses an algorithm that is founded on an effective but simple technique known as GRID. Whenever a buy limit is met, the bitcoin robot places a sell order above this price. Not all bots are legit, so you need to do your research. This bot offers a cloud-based solution with risk-control features like take profit, stop-loss, trailing UP, and exit strategies. Backtesting by Bitsgap lets you set parameters hypothetically to see how you perform in existing market conditions and based on historical price data.
  3. Pionex: This bot allows you to explore functions of a bot without having to make a commitment. This is crypto exchange having a built-in bot so that you can buy and sell cryptos directly and use any of the platform’s native bots. You simply have to pay 0.5% charges to use this platform. You get to pick from a wide range of trade bots and an easy-to-program system. Pionex is best suited for investors who are not yet sure whether to use trading bots.
  4. Coinrule: This bot offers an impressive variety of preset trade strategies. It lets you customize your investments with 150 templates that will be executed automatically whenever market conditions satisfy the preset parameters. Coinrule keeps introducing new templates, long-term holding trade strategies and stop loss measures. You can get 7 complimentary templates in a free package. Paid packages will give you access to advanced charts, unlimited templates and one-on-one tutorials.
  5. 3Commas: This is best suited for investors searching for advanced trade features and sophisticated settings. With 3Commas Smart Trade feature, you get to view currency exchange rates at the same time. You can take profits and protect your investments using stop-loss signals. The platform supports options trading and connection with 23 popular exchanges when you use a paid account.
  6. Trade Santa: This cloud-based bot lets you enjoy automated trading across various crypto exchanges. You get to choose the preferred settings here when you create your trade bot. So, you are free to create as many bots as you need to scale up your trades. Trade Santa supports many key exchanges and account creation is simple.
  7. Wunderbit.io: This bot has a clean, intuitive, and straightforward UI and allows social trading that implies that you can register as an investor or trader. Investors will pay you commissions for managing their investments when you register as traders. When you register as investor, you can emulate your preferred traders and copy their strategies.